Los Reyes del Son Los Reyes del Son Los Reyes del Son
Los Reyes del Son
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Los Reyes del Son
En los reyes del son sus personajes nos acercan la actualidad de un género que ha marcado la vida de los cubanos por muchos décadas. Asentados en Santiago de Cuba, la cuna del son, ellos nos muestran en qué consiste su reinado y cuan mágica es la música que cultivan. Reinaldo Creagh, 89 años, Roberto Nápoles, 96 (el músico activo más viejo de cuba) y una generación heredera representada por Fernando Dewar y el Septeto Santiaguero, nos hacen participes de su día a día. Así la ciudad también se convierte en protagonista a través de la musicalidad de sus habitantes y en especial de sus pregoneros.

The Kings Of The Cuban Son
Genre: Documentary

In the kings of the 'cuban son' the main characters are what brings us near the present time of a musical genre that has influenced the life of the cubans for many decades. Situated in Santiago de Cuba, the birthplace of the 'cuban son'. They show us how magical the music they create really is. Reinaldo Creagh, 89 years old, Roberto Napoles, 96 (the oldest active musician in cuba) and a generation of successors represented by Fernando Dewar and Septeto Santiaguero, involves us in their daily lives. The city becomes the main character through the musicality of its inhabitants, and especially of its unique street vendors.
"Fué el único documental cubano en la lista de filmes participantes seleccionado y nominado a la categoría “Largometraje Documental” en el El Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente Oaxaca 2010."

"El documental fue peresentado en el festival Cubadisco, el más importante de la industria musical cubana."

"Este documental se propuso como visión: ofrecer una mirada poco común sobre la vida cotidiana del pueblo cubano y su hermosa música que se atesora en todo el mundo. "

In this documentary my vision is to offer a rare glimpse into the daily lives of the Cuban people and their beautiful music that is treasured around the world. To be a witness to such great talent has been pure joy for me! Roberto Napoles and Reinaldo Creagh working again was a very special experience and hopefully for the people that see our film.

Cynthia Biestek - Producer

The Kings of the Cuban Son” aim is to be the most authentic of the folk music. Framed in Santiago de Cuba, the cradle of Son, this documentary breaks through between the images of the colorful people and the places that fill their rhythmical presence. Through the research and histories of the characters, the story reveals the feelings that have guided their lives.

Alden Gonzalez - Co-Director

To see musicians with more than 90 years like Roberto Napoles, the ex-bearer of the Orchestra of Mariano Merceron and Reinaldo Creagh singing of the Old Trova Santiaguero, the musicians that have made the culture better and defended the threat of modern times and many changes, is a unique opportunity.

Guille de la Rosa - Co-Director

To experience the joys, the dreams, the obstacles, the sufferings and the profits that are intermingled with the opinions of the town crier musician who fight for a better life. They give images to what they were,and what they want to be.

Aramis Fonseca - Director Of Photography & Edition

It is a privilege to work with such a rich music, I enjoyed every minute of mastering. "And this is not a casualty, if we consider the quality and worldwide prestige of EGREM Studies in Cuba from which the audio of "The Kings of the Son", "We are talking about the greatest among the great..."

Charlie Gamboa - Music Mastering